Yorkview Cardiology is committed to keeping patients safe. We continue to accept new cardiology referrals and follow ups from all over Ontario. Our staff cardiologists and internal medicine specialists are seeing patients remotely (virtual care + telemedicine). Patients who need to be seen in person are evaluated in our clinic. 


Our goal is to keep Ontario patients safe, out of the hospital and reduce the need for hospital resource over utilization during this difficult time. If your patient or you are a patient who needs to be seen please click contact us to make an appointment and it will be arranged as possible as possible. We are able to accommodate consultations within 24-48 hours. 


Yorkview Cardiology is a clinic located at Keele and Sheppard.  We provide Cardiology consultations and a full spectrum of diagnostic tests related to cardiovascular diseases. Our team performs invasive cardiac procedures and interventions through affiliated high volume academic centers. Our specialists practice in all aspects and subspecialties of Cardiology.